Just For Kids

Children are an important part of any community, and The Junction Farmers Market wants your babies and kids to feel at home during your visit to the market.


Kids will find loads of fun and exciting things to do at The Junction Farmers’ Market. From ukelele lessons and face painting, to meeting with High Park Nature Centre staff and talking up the local musicians – there is always something happening to help make our market kid-friendly and fun.

Here are 5 ways to help your kiddos enjoy their trip to the market

1. Why not print out a copy of the Junction Farmers Market Scavenger Hunt and take it with you?


click to grab a printable copy of the scavenger hunt

2. Let the kiddos have some cash of their own? Maybe you will end up with a fruit you have never tried before, or a loaf of bread to enjoy with a hearty soup? Kids love to feel empowered with a couple of dollars during any shopping trip, and getting to swap money for goods with the farmer can be that much more wonderful!

3. Grab the ingredients for a post-market picnic. A fresh baguette, a tub of hummus, a slab of cheese, and a bushel of apples is all you need to enjoy a picnic in one of the Junction’s many parks. The kids will love knowing that a picnic awaits them after a turn at the market.

4. Ask the kids to get to know some of the vendors! Each week make it a mission for the kids to chat with a different vendor. Have them find out where their farm is, why they started farming and what vehicle they use to haul their goods to market.

5. If you are handy with a needle and thread (or a sewing machine), why not involve your kids in making a Farmers’ Market tote bag – one for you, and one for them! These totes are easy to whip up in different sizes.