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Hello!  I am Eva….the brains and brawn behind Baby Delish.  My journey to create Baby Delish began many years back in my life as a doula.  I provided support and education to new and expectant families with a specialization in families with twins.  From these beginnings, I found myself continuing with support beyond the first few months and began helping with preparing homemade food for the babies.  This process highlighted to me how difficult it is for families to feed their babies fresh food on a daily basis!  I also saw that at the time, there were not any options for parents to even buy freshly prepared food for their babies.  The seed of Baby Delish was germinated. I didn’t just want to buy food from stores, but I wanted to ensure the integrity of the produce by going direct to the source.  The farm.  

The farms I chose to partner with were chosen largely from the influence of my faith background.  My church has Anabaptist roots which is common to the Amish and Mennonite church as well.  There is a strong affiliation of living simply in order to give generously and of peace; which I feel is so important in the world we find ourselves living in today. All of my farms are organic and local.  I have personally met and developed a relationship with the farmers whose hard work bring in the bounty of the fields. Baby Delish gives families a direct connection to the land and hands that produce the food they are feeding to their babies.  Each package is labeled with the farm the food is sourced from. I completed my Food Handlers certification most recently in 2017, and all of the food is prepared in the Farmers Pantry certified kitchen. Learning about preparing the best food possible for babies has been mostly a journey of self-learning. I found that in my life as a doula, the best education is life.  I have been diving into books, reading articles, and most importantly learning directly from the farmers themselves! Baby Delish debuted at the Fall Bump to Baby show in Leslieville, won the New Artisan Scholarship for our first showing at the One of a Kind show this past March/Apr and will be participating in the Spring Bump to Baby at Artscape Wychwood Barns the beginning of May.

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