The JFM was born out of community desire and effort. We continue to place the Junction community at the center of all we do.

Community Corner

One of the objectives of the Junction Farmers Market is to promote community – “we value a welcoming space for all community members to meet, shop, talk, eat – building a thriving local economy and healthy community.” 

To support this objective, we reserve one space each week at our Community Corner, for organizations, businesses and local community or socio-political groups that meet our guidelines and are approved by the Market Manager.

Groups are welcome to share information about their interests and objectives, as well as disseminate information on topics including, but not limited to: food, farming, the environment, sustainability, and local/community issues and initiatives.


The Following Groups Qualify

How to Apply

If the Community Corner interests your group, we would be happy to have you come and share. Please contact us here or email the Market Manager at with the following details:

Please ensure that you have read our full Community Corner policy here before applying. If you have questions, contact the Market Manager via e-mail at