Cosmos Baking Studio

Cosmos Baking Studio (@cosmosbaking) bakes to delight and connect. They bring to their work a deep respect for the beautiful complexity of the natural world and hope to center the vital work of people who grow our food and who care for the land.

They bake in a variety of styles exploring ancient and traditional methods to transform heritage grains into tasty and nutritious baked goods. Cat is privileged to join inspiring bakers who use 100% freshly-milled grain grown by small-scale farmers who steward the land using ecological practices.

Cat is an artist and curious eater whose work is rooted in solidarity-building and social justice. She loves bizarre and goofy things, and is glad to support alongside our journeys to unlearn the ways that we contribute to systems of oppression and in our collective healing from what we have internalized. She is happy to chat and looks forward to connecting with each of you over the course of the season.

Phone: 1-416-805-9577


Location: 1 Wiltshire Ave, Toronto, ON M6N 2V7

Product list: breads, donuts, pastries

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