Evermeadow is a new regenerative, pasture-based farm in the rolling hills of Northumberland County. Josh and his family will be bringing their organically fed, pastured broiler and roaster chickens to the market for the remainder of the season. They’re working on raising pigs and sheep as well but those animals will only be ready for late autumn.

As a farm, they work to provide nutritious, ethical, and ecologically beneficial food for our communities while increasing the biodiversity and productivity of the land. This description sums up their operation well: Our hens scratch up compacted soil and spread seed and fertile manure; our sheep manage the grass, distribute nutrients, and build soil; our pigs recycle waste nutrients and disturb the soil to prepare for re-seeding pastures; and our broiler chickens bring fertility into the farm as they move daily across the landscape.



3989 McIntosh, Cold Springs, Ontario K9A 4J9


IG – @evermeadowfarm

FB – @evermeadowfarm

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