Founded by a big family on a small farm… our first batch of ginger beer was made in our farmhouse kitchen, with five little taste testers and a big plan to improve our family’s digestive health. Mason jars of bubbly goodness sat on our kitchen countertop, alongside kombucha bottles, sauerkraut crocks and cider vinegar pails.

One summer, we decided to bring along some jars of ginger beer along with our regular farm offerings, to our local farmer’s market. To our surprise, it was a huge hit. We decided to switch gears, and focus entirely on our ginger beer, naming our beverage “Gingerbug,” after the famous ‘ginger bug’ starter culture that is used by fermenters to make wild fermented soda pops, like ours. Just like farming, it was all hands on deck again, as we began to navigate our way through the beverage industry one day at a time.

Today, we are proud to say that Gingerbug is now an emerging brand, that aims to provide only good things to the people who drink it. A healthy soda pop that is wildly refreshing, and totally delicious. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

-Bren & Megan Silk

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