Honey Guru

We are a family owned and operated business with head office Honey Guru in Toronto, ON and The Hunni Gurus Apiary located in Westmoreland, Jamaica. Our main goal is to provide top quality all-natural bee products; therefore we only use natural raw organic ingredients in all our products.

At Honey Guru we believe in supporting and buying local hence why 70% of the honey used is purchased from Canadian bee farmers. 30% will be from our Apiary in Jamaica these two honey are separate in flavor texture colour which I no will be embrace by all Honey lovers.

Christopher’s love for cooking has allowed him to discover countless ways to use this natural sweetener in his kitchen. From grilling to roasting, honey can be used in just about any recipes served either hot or cold.  Honey is great when used in baked goods; its silky texture will keep baked goods moist.  Replace sugar with equal parts honey in your favourite cake or cookie recipe.

Honey Guru’s line of infused honey can be used to elevate any fruit salad, smoothies, ice cream, yogurt, cakes, cookies, sauces and salad dressings. Use it and take your palate on a journey that your mind can only imagine. A light drizzle of this luxury treat on your toast can turn a piece of bread into a spectacular breakfast – Yes hunni, Honey Guru honey Soooo Yummi Hunni


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