Mayan Pantry

Mayan Pantry is a collection of Mexican-inspired salsas and dips, which bring the flavour and tradition of the Yucatan to your home. Our team is made up of two people; husband Miguel, born and raised in Merida, Yucatan and wife Jessica, born and raised in Toronto. Miguel’s love for sharing his culture through cuisine, paired with Jessica’s expertise as a holistic nutritionist brought the idea of Mayan Pantry to light. Mayan Pantry uses organic and nutrient-dense ingredients to make salsas and dips that have your family’s health in mind, never trading health for deliciousness.

Though our recipes are inspired by Miguel’s homeland, our products are made with locally sourced organic produce, and an abundance of healthy fats from organic extra virgin olive oil and organic pumpkin seeds which not only contain anti-inflammatory omegas but nutrients like zinc (immunity boosting), magnesium and vitamin E.

Phone: 1-416-570-9823


Location: 394 Clendenan AveToronto, ON M6P 2X6

Product list: salsas and dips

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