Smithers Sausages

Smithers Sausages was founded in 2019 by Andrea and Michael Smith by drawing on their 15+ years of culinary experiences and focusing it on creating hand made, small batch gourmet sausages and condiments.

Smithers Sausages strives to stay local focused, meaning all products are made with as local as possible ingredients including Ontario pork, fresh local vegetables and fruits and pairing with local breweries to create a flavourful punch in every bite. Most products made, excluding ones that contain bourbon or beer, are gluten free and all products are free of artificial preservatives and fillers. Making wholesome food is something that both Andrea and Michael value because creating food that everyone can eat while gathering around the dinner table should always be an inclusive, creative, and joyful event for everyone involved.

Phone: 1-647-929-3355


Location: 31 Tisdale St. N, Hamilton, ON L8L5M3

Product list: meat sausages

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