Spade & Spoon

Our farm is in Stirling, Ontario, about 200 km east of Toronto. We are certified organic through pro-cert, and we grow every single thing we sell. We produce regionally adapted heirloom crops using organic principles that produce nutrient dense, healthy food. The farm is also home to a milking herd of Dwarf Nigerian dairy goats and a flock of free-range, heritage breed laying hens.

At market this season: We grow baby ginger and baby turmeric in our passive solar greenhouses (available fresh in late summer & fall season, and frozen throughout year), and we produce hard to find european heirloom varieties of salad greens like mâche, agretti, minutina, beira tronchuda, specialty dandelion greens, endive, radicchio, chicory, persian cress and claytonia – as well as the standards like mesclun, edible flower salad mixes, mustards, romaines and arugula. We also grow small salad root crops like specialty japanese turnips, baby beets, small tender salad onions, green shallot, grey/french shallots, and specialty radishes. We will have early potatoes available this season, as well as colourful varieties with blue and pink flesh. Green garlic, garlic scapes and bulbs will also be available throughout season, as well as heirloom tomatoes and many different types of heirloom summer and winter squash.

Instagram: @spade_and_spoon

Twitter: @Spade_and_spoon

Calendar: Bi-Weekly starting May 26th

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