Sweet Natured Organics Maple Products

We are happy to be at the Junction Farmers Market for the 2018 season – our 4 th season! We have 3 dates only, July 14, September 8 and November 3. Be sure to check the new schedule in case you forget our dates! Remember, we will always deliver any maple products directly to your door – anytime!!! – just call me @ 416-879- 3961 or email me at sweetnaturedorganics@gmail.com or pattersonba@gmail.com.

Our small family-run business operates northwest of Waterloo. With 50 acres of maple trees and 2,200 taps, we produce liquid gold! ‎ We bring only one thing to the market. Maple syrup and maple syrup products. And we do it superbly! We use zero pesticides on the trees, nor do we put any non organic fertilizer on or in the soil. Our organic pure Ontario maple syrup and maple syrup products come from one single forest. Whether or not you are one with discerning tastes, this is important.  We can pinpoint the exact trees your delicious grade A maple syrup comes from!

Calendar: Jul 14; Sep 8; Oct. 27

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