Fifth Town Artisan Cheese

Fifth Town Artisan Cheese produces fresh chèvre, bloomy rind bries, chardonnay and wine soaked, brushed and washed rind firm and aged artisan cheeses made from locally sourced Ontario cow,goat and water buffalo milk.

Our Platinum LEED certified building and green initiatives (geothermal, solar and wind power) reflect our socially responsible vision. Our family has its roots in fine cheese importation and Italian cheese making in Parma, Italy. With a team of local staff, including head cheesemaker Chad Peterson, we are developing new and evolving traditional recipes with a twist to satisfy the growing sophistication of consumers who appreciate fine wine and travel. Bringing products from our dairy to your table and supporting local farmers is essential to contributing to and sustaining our community.

At Fifth Town we believe in honestly expressing the beautiful Prince Edward County terroir with which we are blessed. Whether it is the cow milk from Jean’s “Quinte Crest” farm down the road or the goat milk from the herder an hour away, we craft something truly authentic that connects us to the land we live on, giving us taste, sense and pride of place.

In our day and age, filled with rushed consumables and mass produced goods, we invite you to venture out to us and try a little something that only patience, a small batch, and some loving artisan intervention can create. You will love it here!

Phone: 416-984-4734


Location:  4309 Prince Edward County Road 8, Picton ON, K0K 2T0

FB – @fifthtownartisancheese

IG – @fifthtownartisancheese

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